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Reducing agency costs at Elysium Healthcare with

Elysium Healthcare is a Low Secure Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) psychiatric hospital. Children between the age of 13 to 18 who have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act are accommodated here so they can be provided with the right support to improve their mental health.

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    Elysium Healthcare is a low-secure Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) psychiatric hospital. Elysium specialises in improving the mental health of children between the ages of 13 & 18 that are sectioned under the Mental Health Act. The hospital has 372 employees, including agency staff, with active sites in Wales and Redditch consisting of 18-bed units.


    Before, Elysium performed the majority of its operations manually. Front-line managers spent many hours cross-referencing paper timesheets with invoices from agency staff providers against the allocated rota. Timesheets had to be manually input into a spreadsheet, which became the source of 'truth' for all staff payslips and leave balances.

    Elysium also relies heavily on agency staff, who account for half of the workforce. The hospital needed to accurately track when agency staff were working, arriving late, leaving early, and taking extended breaks. Without this data, agency costs were skyrocketing at the hospital.


    With so many employees and agency staff, accessing all the labour data from one central platform is a significant advantage for Elysium Healthcare. With, front-line managers can view all staff data, rotas, leave balances and timesheets all within the platform allowing staff to focus on their core jobs - looking after children.

    “Having one system where they're now all on it is really helpful”

    - Emma Dewar, Finance Manager at Elysium Healthcare

    The HR and Finance teams now understand their labour and agency costs in real-time. With this data, the leadership team have significantly reduced agency costs, allowed for real-time decision making and ensure that staff always receive the correct pay on time.

    “It's definitely more detailed than a standard rota system that I've seen in other places”

    - Emma Dewar, Finance Manager at Elysium Healthcare


    Significantly reducing agency costs

    As a result of capturing accurate time and attendance across employees and agency staff, Elysium Healthcare decreased agency costs by 30%. With the ability to segment employees and agency staff on rotas in, they can assign shifts to the right employees and limit the number of shifts picked up by agency workers.

    Eliminating payroll errors and improving staff satisfaction

    Having accurate timesheets in allows front-line managers to approve shifts weekly, allowing the finance team to process payroll directly without manually confirming and altering data. With eliminated payroll errors and increased transparency on rotas, leave balances and payslips, staff satisfaction levels significantly increased.

    Saving time on administrative tasks

    As the hospital moves away from manual rotas, timesheets and manual data entry, it has saved the Elysium Healthcare leadership team many hours of administration. The hospital can now focus on what they do best - looking after children and helping them recover.

    Whether you manage 20 staff or 2000, can help optimise your staff performance and operations, ensuring you provide exceptional quality of care.