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Simplify workforce compliance in one powerful platform

Ensure simplified and automated compliance to federal, state, and local labour regulations. Avoid costly penalties.

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Pay staff accurately according to minimum wage laws

Always account for federal, state, and regional wage laws when paying staff. With employees’ tipped status and state stored in the system, rest assured that pay is computed accurately even as minimum wage laws change.

Compliance beyond borders

Employees working in different locations with varying minimum wages and regulations? Say no to manual tracking and workaround. With comprehensive configurations, you can create rates and pay tables for a specific location and role.

Implement shift differentials easily

Set conditions for shift differentials within clicks. Pay staff accurately according to conditions such as shift starting and end times, time worked on certain hours or days, or shifts rendered in a particular role or location.

Track break times efficiently

Clearly indicate and track paid and unpaid breaks on the schedule. Set them automatically, but require clocking back in to better manage de minimis breaks.

Manage overtime hours and costs

  • When scheduling staff, managers are notified when an employee is approaching additional shift hours.

  • Alerts are sent when an employee is approaching overtime.

  • automatically categorizes overtime hours for seamless payroll processing.

Flexibility with rounding punch times

  • Automatically round times according to any increment or to the employee’s scheduled time.

  • Prevent clock-in before a scheduled start time, eliminating the need to round start and finish times.

  • Ask employees why they are clocking in early or late for their shift, encouraging them to punch in on time.

Harmonize national holiday policies

  • Define holidays that your company recognizes on a location-by-location and national basis.

  • Automatically generate paid time off on certain holidays for certain employees.

  • Designate partial holidays. Pay shift differential to staff who worked on a holiday.

Proven employee scheduling software in 10,000+ staff deployments

Staff scheduling is key to effective workforce management. Our employee scheduling solution is easy to use yet filled with features for growing your business.

Give managers the right tools.

Equip managers to build shifts, stay on top of labour costs, and make quick and informed decisions for optimising staffing levels and operations.

Avoid overspending.

Save on labour costs without compromising productivity. We make it easy to spot areas where you can potentially overspend.

Prioritize compliance.

Automate labour compliance when building work rotas. Quickly address potential violations or penalties when scheduling employees.

Ensure visibility among teams.

Avoid miscommunication by providing staff a single view of their rota. Notify them of new schedules, shift changes, and other important information.

A two-week implementation story

Case Study: Increasing revenue

Domino’s Israel saved 25,000 hours in 6 months and increased sales per labour hour by 11% with

" For me, it’s a revolution. We saw good progress in the efficiency of our stores."

— Aerie Elbaz, COO, Domino’s Israel

Integrate with your POS, payroll, and HR systems

Integrate your current tools with our system for faster, more efficient workforce management operations, while providing robust scheduling & attendance for frontline teams.

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