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Automate compliance
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Keeping pace with workplace compliance shouldn’t be hard - so we made it simple. Reduce risk exposure, follow labour laws, and enforce policy with a platform that ensures compliance throughout the employee lifecycle.

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Policy enforcement

Store policy documentation and track acknowledgments in one place for easy online access. Put these policies into action by automating procedures whenever attendance or scheduling violations occur.

Safety Management

Protect staff by filing incident reports, creating safety checklists, and scheduling inspections for any team or location. Following safety protocols like this keeps employee data organised and demonstrates good faith in case of external audit.

Wage & Hour Laws

Keep timesheets flawless by automatically accounting for overtime rules, allowances, maximum work hours, and more. Tailor your requirements according to government legislation and receive real-time alerts to stay compliant and avoid fines.

Compliance Scheduling

Schedule smarter shifts with AI that flags compliance risks and unfair scheduling practices. Comply with government labour laws, ensure proper break times, and follow minor rules to keep your business aligned with fair labour standards.

“ has helped us track certifications and training across all of our vaccine sites.”

- Emily Baron, Chief Public Health Officer for COVIDCheck Colorado

"Without a system that informs you when you are in violation of certain labour laws, it's very easy for things to slip through the cracks. To have that extra level of monitoring with is very helpful.”

- Nicole Grube, HR Manager Amenity Collective

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does’s human resource compliance tool cost?

To find out what will work best for your business, request a quote via our pricing page.

What kind of HR system integrations does have?

You can integrate with any HRIS, payroll, or HCM you currently use via API. Simply import your staff list directly into to start using the compliance management tool, no tedious data reentry required!

What sized businesses typically use this HR compliance solution?

While anyone from a small business to a global enterprise can use, the majority of those who use the platform range anywhere from 200-10,000 staff.

Why should I automate the HR compliance process?

You’ll see the most benefit when pairing automated compliance with other HR management modules. By adding policies and employment law requirements into your system, you can streamline compliance in areas like scheduling, onboarding, performance management, PTO, and time tracking without the risk of manual mistakes.

Is’s HR compliance engine cloud-based?

Yes! As a user-friendly SaaS, HR professionals can find everything they need to combat compliance issues in their very own online platform.

What’s the cost of non-compliance?

The best HR compliance software keeps you in line with federal and state labour laws. Breaching wage and hour or workplace safety laws can result in either multi-million dollar class action lawsuits from employees or hefty fines from the Department of Labour.

What kind of reporting tools are available to HR teams on’s platform?

You can schedule and perform audits covering any aspect of your operations. Moreover, timesheets are recorded on a daily basis, creating a paper trail that you can fall back on in case anyone comes knocking. File incident reports and performance evaluations as well so you can quickly pull employee records whenever needed.

How does support risk management?

As an HR technology focused on all your compliance needs, looks to reduce risk throughout the employee lifecycle. By automatically applying labour law templates to schedules, flagging timesheets for errors, and documenting things like incidents and attendance violations, the system keeps your business in compliance with all relevant labour standards, reducing your overall risk.

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