SwiftPOS + Workforce.com

Build better rotas with real sales data.

Easily integrate with your SwiftPOS transactional data via our API and build smarter, more efficient rosters through Workforce.com's Predictive Workforce™ solution.

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Using SwiftPOS with Workforce.com

With 26,000+ terminals installed in over 6000 venues, SwiftPOS is a premier enterprise point of sale solution with 26 year of experience. Ideal for managing a diverse portfolio in the cloud, SwiftPOS is highly adaptable and designed for businesses in the hospitality, sports, retail, and events industries.

Unrivalled Integrations

SwiftPOS integrates with hundreds of leading 3rd party providers like Workforce - giving our clients choice, enhancing our platform, and placing you at the forefront of emerging technology.

Enterprise Architecture

Built to run multi-venue enterprises off a single database. Deliver enhanced guest experiences, substantial operational efficiencies and improved corporate governance.

Powerful, Live Reporting

With more than 300 pre-loaded reports plus the ability to customise and design your own, you will be able to get the right information to fine-tune your operation.

System Redundancy

Eliminate the risk of not being able to trade if the internet or your local network fails. SwiftPOS works completely offline from the database server.

Case Study: Huge time saving on admin

"Time saving was really key for me and the usability of Workforce.com enabled that. I was able to do things a lot faster"

— Nina Gizzie, Regional Operations Manager (The Climbing Academy)

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