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Build better rotas with real sales data.

Import and combine NCR Aloha sales data with your rotas for more cost-efficient schedules.

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Using NCR Aloha with

Frontline managers instinctively know that the best rota for next week isn't always the same one from last week. With NCR Aloha connected to, scheduling teams can use real sales data to build rotas that match their forecasted demand.

Sync revenue data & adjust for demand.

Pull revenue and itemised sales data from your NCR Aloha, then use's demand modifiers to build schedules tailored to SPLH sales per labour hour. Adjust the demand slider, and never worry about being understaffed again.

Build sales-optimised rotas automatically.

Once NCR Aloha sales data is synced to, it's easy to accurately forecast upcoming demand, and build the best schedule. With the most up to date revenue data, the optimal rota can be built automatically.

Securely developed & maintained inhouse

Our team of implementation engineers build and maintain our point of sale integrations. Every integration has stringent testing and error monitoring, to ensure that it works when you need it most.

285 sites 7,000 employees

Case Study: "With we've saved 25-30 labour hours a week'"

"One of the big challenges they've solved for us is high labour cost. Stores that use can save between 25-30 labour hours a week. In euros that's saving €150-€160 per week per store."

— Martin Steenks, Franchise Operations Director, Domino's Netherlands

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