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Meet your staffing needs. Grow your sales per labor hour.

Schedule associates in less time to forecasted demand, get coverage with shift swaps & bids, and bring down your labor costs.

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Stop being short staffed

  • With demand-based scheduling, you can match your staffing levels to predicted foot traffic and sales. Integrate with your POS for AI-driven predictions that help you schedule more efficiently, meaning your team will never be caught short-handed again.

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Reverse rising labor costs

  • Stick to your budget with demand forecasts, map labor costs to sales in real-time, and create accurate staffing ratios. Smarter scheduling helps you cut down on overtime and avoid overstaffing, raising your SPLH.

Easily keep staff in the loop

  • Post announcements, message staff, and send out shift reminders – no texts or emails required. Prevent confusion on the floor and streamline team communication in a single mobile app.

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Quickly react to shift changes

  • With shift swapping and bidding, employees can instantly find qualified replacements if they can't make a shift. Managers won't waste time contacting a long list of team members to find a last-minute replacement - all they need to do is approve.

Retain your product experts

  • Staff can submit time-off requests, check work schedules, pick up shifts, update personal details, and get schedule notifications – all in one app. Self-service features make your associates' lives easier so they can be happy, confident, and productive in their roles.

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Integrate with POS

See the future with sales data imported directly from your POS system.

What's Included

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  • Employee Scheduling

    Labor Forecasting

    Task Management

    Schedule Templates

  • Communications

    Shift Swapping

    Open Shift Bidding

    Leave Management

    POS Integration

  • Auto-Scheduling

    Labor Cost Reporting

    Labor Law Compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does cost?

Visit our pricing page to see what plan works best for you and request a quote.

Does include a time clock?’s Time & Attendance module features a digital time clock that can be downloaded on any IOS or Android device. Employees can use it to clock in and out of their shifts and even record breaks. The time clock also generates electronic timesheets every time it is used, and prevents time theft with geo-location settings and photo ID settings.

Can I schedule multiple locations with’s scheduling tool?

Yes, you may create as many locations as you need and build schedules for each. Customize your permission levels so that employees and frontline managers only see their location’s schedule, while admins can view schedules across all locations.

Can I upload Excel schedules to

Yes; however, you’ll be missing out on some of’s best features.’s scheduling process was designed with ease of use in mind; as such, it is much faster to build and publish schedules in than it is in Excel. Creating schedules from scratch in eliminates the need to upload and reformat spreadsheets, and you’ll get to use customizable templates, drag-and-drop functionality, auto-scheduling, shift validations, and much more.

What size businesses use’s scheduling solution?

All kinds, from small businesses to 5,000+ organizations. However, the majority of businesses that use’s scheduling features tend to have 20-500 staff.

How does’s retail scheduling software prevent scheduling conflicts?

No more conflicts! automatically prevents scheduling conflicts for retail stores by flagging any shift that incurs overtime, goes over max hours, breaches Fair Workweek, or clashes with another shift.

Does feature credit card processing and payroll integrations?

Absolutely! Choose from a wide variety of HR, POS, and payroll software integrations to ensure data runs smoothly between and your other systems.

Can the software manage timesheets and track employee time effectively?

Absolutely! When you pair’s Staff Scheduling with its Time & Attendance platform, time tracking, and managing timesheets becomes a breeze. Retail managers can use it not only to record employee hours and pay but also to validate scheduled hours worked by referencing variances on every timesheet.

Does offer onboarding for new hires?

Yup! Through’s intuitive HR suite, store managers can onboard retail staff quickly via a self-service checklist. Once approved, new hires are immediately available for shift scheduling.

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