Call Center Scheduling Software

The easiest way to create optimised schedules instantly.

Forget over-and under-staffing. With’s scheduling software for call centers, it’s easy to quickly create and adjust schedules based on automated, accurate forecasts.

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Everything you need for quick & easy scheduling.

  • Build schedules for your team in minutes. With drag and drop scheduling, you can create your agents’ schedules in just a few clicks.

  • No need to build schedules from scratch. Create templates or simply copy and paste shifts from one week to the next for schedules that stay consistent over time.

  • Manage and schedule breaks easily. Simply indicate the break times for each shift while building schedules.

Accurately forecast staffing needs.

  • Get an accurate picture of how many employees you need in a shift.

  • Integrate your existing systems with to get accurate forecasts based on volume of calls, number of tickets expected, and the skills of agents needed to meet your KPIs.

Get deeper insights with easy-to-generate reports.

  • Identify trends and potential issues in your operations using ready-made report templates. Or design your own reports around the metrics most important to you.

  • Use reporting insights to find the best times for employee training and development.

Easily cope with last-minute schedule changes.

  • Never miss a leave request from your staff. See requests come in and approve them in a single click via the platform’s leave management system.

  • Avoid scheduling staff who are unavailable. When scheduling, the platform automatically shows if an employee is unavailable to work a shift.

  • Fill unexpected absences quickly with shift swapping. Offer open shifts to other employees. See the cost of potential swaps and see to it that you stay within budget.

Integrate with your POS, payroll, and HR systems

Integrate your current tools with our system for faster, more efficient workforce management operations, while providing robust scheduling & attendance for frontline teams.

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