How to Upskill Shift Workers

About this Webinar

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive hourly-waged industries like hospitality, healthcare, or retail, having a skilled and competent workforce can make all the difference in driving an organization's success. However, upskilling shift workers can be a challenging task, especially in industries with high turnover rates and tight budgets.

We're bringing on SHRM Mississippi Board Member and CEO of Gulf Coast Training & Education Services, Sheila Farr, who specializes in upskilling and reskilling employees. She will be sharing practical tips and insights on how to identify skills gaps, design effective training programs, and measure the impact of upskilling initiatives.


  • Why upskilling is required in today's workforce and the challenges surrounding it.

  • Practical tips and best practices for designing effective upskilling programs.

  • How to measure the success of upskilling initiatives and demonstrate their impact.