How to Schedule While Understaffed

About this Webinar

Nearly every hourly-waged business sector in the U.S is understaffed. The remaining employees are experiencing burn out, only to leave their companies in pursuit of better incentives i.e., increased PTO, higher pay, more benefits, etc. For HR and operation managers, it's a constant battle with seemingly no end in sight.

If you are a part of the 50% of business who say they are understaffed, join the conversation with author, podcast host, and Founder of Grategy Coaching, Lisa Ryan. Lisa is here to answer any and all questions pertaining to how operators and managers can and should schedule when teams are slimmed down.


  • Understanding the primary drivers of the tight labor market.

  • How to better utilize your remaining staff while mitigating burnout.

  • Actionable scheduling practices to keep operating costs low.