Best Practices for Onboarding
Hourly Staff

About this Webinar

Onboarding new staff means HR must ensure their business puts their best foot forward to increase retention and loyalty of new employees. With managers having different methods in approaching training initiatives and most new hires feeling like an outsider, HR is overwhelmed the moment an offer letter is sent out. This webinar is designed to equip HR leaders, shift managers, and business owners with practical insights and strategies to optimize the onboarding process for employees working diverse schedules.

Well-being consultant and frequent guest of's webinars, Laura Timbrook is coming back on to discuss how to standardize training across teams, how to engage new hires ASAP, and what an onboarding process that fosters integration and camaraderie looks like. Laura’s experience in the corporate coaching and the manufacturing industry makes for a great guest to come on to talk about some amazing actionable solutions HR within shift-based businesses can implement today.


  • What a seamless onboarding experience looks like so employees can hit the ground running.

  • How HR can establish clear guidelines and standardized training materials to be used across all shifts.

  • How to engage staff right off the bat in order to increase loyalty and prevent turnover.