How to Protect Your Business Against Organized Retail Crime

About this Webinar

Employee safety and security within the retail industry has been top of mind as we come into the new year. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), upwards of $95 billion was lost due to theft in 2022, "$5 billion more than the year prior". Organized Retail Crime (ORC) has been a hot topic amongst the industry's operation managers and c-suite as protection of staff is of the upmost importance.

The NRF's VP of Asset Protection and Retail Operations David Johnston is coming on to give information and advice on how to counter ORC, gain better oversight of operations to protect staff against increasing violence, legislative solutions that are in the works, and how managers can curb ORC.


  • The evolution of ORC it's impact on customer and staff & customer safety, as well as ROI.

  • Current legislative acts enacted and how it will protect businesses.

  • What management and execs can do to prevent ORC and better safeguard their company.