How HR Can Lead from the Front

About this Webinar

In today's ever-changing workplace environment, companies face unique challenges in retaining talented employees, optimizing scheduling and communication processes, and upholding their core values. This is why it's essential for HR leaders to take the reins and guide their teams through these critical aspects to cultivate a thriving and engaged workforce.

We are so excited to announce that Jes Osrow, Co-Founder, COO, and DEIBA Specialist of The Rise Journey, will be joining us as a special guest on this live Q&A to share actionable strategies for creating an inclusive and equitable work environment within shift-based workforces.


  • Understand effective strategies to increase employee retention, such as implementing training programs.

  • Learning about scheduling tools, automated communication systems, and best practices for managing workforce scheduling.

  • How to integrate and instill core company values to align culturally within the organization.