How to Forecast Your
Schedule Based on Demand

About this Webinar

HOne of the greatest obstacles for managers is predicting demand in correlation to staffing levels. To get ahead in the planning and production of a product or service, operation managers are required to schedule based on forecasted data. In fact, more than 70% of companies are planning on adopting scheduling management in the coming year.

Many have come to realize the financial impact that mis-scheduling, such as under or overstaffing, has on labor costs and overall worker productivity. Balancing the hard-hitting facts such as peak hours, weather, and other quantitative data, with manager's person-centric, qualitative input, is key to keeping operating expenses low and engagement high.


  • The financial drain of constantly over and under-scheduling staff.

  • Best practices when it comes to utilizing demand data in scheduling.

  • Solutions to apply qualitative and quantitative data into your schedules.