On-Demand Pay:
A Smarter Way to Pay

Tapcheck integrates with Workforce.com to give financial freedom and control to your employees, letting them access earnings on-demand.

On-demand = less stress

When your employees are worried about money at home, that stress carries over to the workplace, impacting their on-the-job productivity and leading to increased absenteeism and higher turnover rates.

Empower your staff

Tapcheck is the highest precision Earned Wage Access solution that integrates with platforms to enable faster payments, higher withdrawal limits, and participation rates twice the industry average. The net impact to business performance is improved morale, productivity, attendance, recruiting, retention, and profitability.

Available at no cost for employers, Tapcheck funds early wage withdrawals with no impact to company cash flow and provides employees access to their wages, whenever they need it. With Tapcheck's same day pay feature, employees and employers are able to re-discover financial flexibility and wellness

Prioritize your workforce.
Enhance your payroll.

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