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Accurate timesheets. Real-time insights.

Automatically track employee hours, monitor unit attendance, and quickly approve timesheets with confidence.

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Never have missing time punches

  • Track clock-instaff and clock-outs, send automated reminders for any missing time punches according to scheduled hours, and let staff update missing times with self-service. All of this means you’ll never let incomplete timesheets delay payroll again.

Approve timesheets faster than ever

  • Compare timesheets to scheduled work hours so you can make quick updates in minutes before bulk-approving timesheets. Validations like these streamline your approval process, meaning you’ll have more time to focus on patient care.

Prevent callouts and tardiness

  • Auto-assign points for late clock-ins, early clock-outs, and no-shows. Review point accumulation for every employee to uncover long-term patterns in absenteeism. Implementing an attendance system like this increases accountability across your workforce.

Hospitality Offer Shifts

Stop unnecessary overtime accruals

  • Notify managers when staff are about to reach overtime. This enables managers to curb overtime during shifts, preventing excessive labor costs and reducing the risk of staff burnout.

Pay hourly staff correctly & on time

  • Automate the calculation of specialty pay, overtime rates, and meal penalties directly on the timesheet. Your payroll manager won't need to verify intricate alternate rates, ensuring correct staff payments and faster payroll processing.

Hospitality Shift Validation

What's Included

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  • Timeclock

    Employee Mobile App

    GPS Time Tracking


  • Kiosk App

    Employee Self-Service

    Attendance Notifications

    Wage & Hour Compliance

  • Auto-Timesheet Approvals

    Time Off Management

    Break Management & Compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does’s time tracking software cost?

To find out what will work best for your business, visit our pricing page and request a quote.

Can I onboard new hires in

Yes,’s Human Resources module features employee onboarding that is fully synced with attendance tracking. It is user-friendly and mobile-first, allowing new hires to complete their onboarding requirements step-by-step via a checklist.

Does have biometric functionality?

You can enable facial recognition if you desire; however, typically uses either pin codes or photo IDs to verify team member identities.

What sized healthcare organizations use

Facilities of all sizes use in the healthcare industry. No matter your size, you’ll be in good hands.

Does have a physical time clock device I can install on-site?

Since is completely cloud-based, there is no time clock hardware available. Instead, offers a kiosk app that can be downloaded on any tablet. You can set this tablet up at your business and have employees clock in from there. Alternatively, you can also allow staff to clock in on their mobile devices via’s employee app.

Will I have access to customer support?

You can count on us. When you first sign up for, you’ll get a dedicated implementation specialist to help you get up and running. Once you get all your staff clocking in and out smoothly, you’ll still have access to reliable 24/7 support whenever you have questions about our timekeeping features.

Can I integrate with my other software systems?

Yes,’s open API allows you to integrate with any payroll system, HR platform, or employee scheduling solution you currently use. However, since is an all-in-one solution, it is recommended you minimize the number of integrations you have to manage by using for everything, not just time entries and attendance management.

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