Food Retail

Improve staffing. Increase sales per
labor hour.

Schedule to foot traffic, track hours worked, and run payroll in the one system.

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Eliminate short staffing

  • With hourly staff applicant tracking and demand-based scheduling, you can fill clerk and associate roles faster and only schedule them when they're actually needed. That way, you don't need to reduce your service or operating hours.

Reverse rising labor costs

  • Forecasted customer foot traffic and staffing ratios allow you to prevent avoidable overtime and hidden overstaffing. You can then reduce labor costs without sacrificing service levels or opening hours.

Ensure food safety work happens

  • Assign staff recurring task checklists to rotate stock, check temperatures, and inspect equipment while requiring photo proof of completion. That way, you know crucial food handling and storage is being dealt with, even if you're not present.

Make it easy to fill unpopular shifts

  • Shift swapping lets you fill callouts, while staff availability prevents you from scheduling staff that can't actually work that time. You'll be able to fill prep shifts and not worrying about it impeding your opening hours.

Always pay staff correctly

  • Automatically calculate overtime rates, shift differentials, and paid and unpaid breaks on the timesheet so payroll never needs to manually check complex alternate rates. It stops you from incorrectly paying staff and speeds up payroll.

What's Included

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  • Scheduling


    Labor Forecasting


  • HR

    Applicant Tracking





  • Payroll

    Full Service Payroll

    Time & Attendance

    Wage & Hour Automation

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