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Manage your workforce easier than ever before. is a comprehensive workforce management solution that streamlines employee scheduling, time & attendance, and more. Optimise your business operations today.

Build schedules quickly & easily

Using revenue and shifts from previous weeks, quickly build & accurately forecast the upcoming weeks, to build the best rota. We make sure the right person is scheduled at the right time, automatically.

Manage & control labour costs whilst building schedules

The forecasting tool helps companies track their labour costs and how they relate to sales in real- time. Using this tool, managers can receive alerts about possible overtime and monitor labour margins as they build the schedule.

Everybody's mobile- so are we.

With Workforce, employees can easily exchange shifts, handle their work schedules, and offer real-time feedback, all from their mobile phones. As well as that managers & supervisors can approve timesheets keeping everything agile.

Automate a public holiday 'benefit' for staff in Ireland

In Ireland, businesses are required to provide a benefit for staff who work, or do not work a Public Holiday. One of the challenges businesses face is validating if an employee is eligible to receive a benefit and if applicable, accurately calculating the cost of the benefit.

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