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Workforce Management October 2003

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Sep. 7, 2011

Pay unchecked
By Douglas P. Shuit
Human resources failures helped former WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers enrich himself at company expense. But the problem wasn’t unique to WorldCom. Human resources executives should show some backbone, and just say no to overblown CEO compensation packages.

Negative Results
By Andy Meisler
Convinced by shaky economic data and appeals to civic virtue, employers have long allowed themselves to be persuaded that testing employees for drug use is the right thing to do. Now, after hard looks at budget and some long-simmering issues about trust and efficacy, they’re not so sure.

Evolution, not revolution
By Samuel Greengard
The 2003 Workforce Management/Findley Davies HR Technology Survey shows that some companies are making progress toward a conversion to eHR, but there’s still a heavy reliance on paper and forms. The transformation is proceeding at a “very deliberate pace.”

The match game
Cindy Waxer
Hiring the wrong temp can leave ugly permanent marks on an organization–unhappy customers, plummeting productivity and high costs. Some companies have figured out how to find temporary workers that exactly match their business and culture.

New hope for troubled retirement plans
Patrick J. Kiger
Employees are wary of 401 (k)s. Courts question cash-balance plans. Old-fashioned pensions are draining corporate coffers. Salvation might be at hand if the federal government is persuaded to legalize a new model that combines the best features of defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Pleasing employees, pouring profits
Maryann Hammers
Caffeine addicts aren’t the only fans of Starbucks, a corporate legend that serves up warm fuzzies with its cold frappuccinos. The company’s rich benefit blend keeps turnover low and employee satisfaction high. And that’s why it’s the Optimas Award winner for Quality of Life.

Between the Lines
Productivity’s fine line
Americans are working very, very hard. That’s good–and bad.
  Reactions From Readers
Letters on the perils of outsourcing, ADA rulings and the treatment of depression.

In This Corner
Teaching big shots to behave
It takes the right message and the right messenger to bring big, bad dogs to heel.

Legal Briefings
“No fault” attendance policies and the FMLA; Recognizing the need for a leave.

Data Bank
No relief from higher costs.

Unions take employers to school
A nasty strike at Yale was an object lesson in how labor and management relations can go sour. Also: The overtime-pay debate heats up. California’s legislature makes a move for mandated employer-paid health-care coverage. Educational software hosts virtual parties.

Retirement Benefits
401 (k) matches are missing in action
Despite promising economic news, companies that dropped matches haven’t brought them back. But they might reappear in 2004.

Health-Care Benefits
The fight against fat in the workplace
By one estimate, obesity-related conditions cost organizations $12 billion a year. Companies are putting diet and exercise plans in place to combat the trend.

Recruiting & Staffing
Curing the turnover disease
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center redesigned jobs, offered scholarships and treated managers better. And it cut its turnover rate from 14 to 6 percent.

Training & Development
The impermanent CLO
Some chief learning officers believe they’re most successful when learning is so much a part of the organization that their role is no longer necessary.

Oh, won’t you stay?
Despite a sluggish economy, stay bonuses are more popular than ever. But if they’re not used right, they can pay off in low morale and additional turnover.


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